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Campaign Notes

Herein lie the constructs of this campaign.

Races allowed

The following races, from RMU, are allowed:

Professions Allowed

All professions from the Unified Character Law are allowed.

Power Level

We will be playing with Legendary characters. Your characters are once in a lifetime prodigies of talent and skill. Perhaps you were all born under a fate-filled moon or star.

Character Development

Stat Generation

Points purchase stat generation. Characters begin with 425 stat points for potential stats, and 165 for temporary stats.


All cultures allowed. I will provide cultural requirements for the more unusual races as soon as time permits.


All talent selection from RMU permitted.


All skills as per RMU. I am considering adding or modifying a few skills (mostly related to Essaence).


For now, consider RMU as canon for lists and prices. Herbs will have a large impact over time.

Additional resources
A short bit on combat strategy

Main Page

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